Dr. Hicham Riba Studies Acid Production and Oral Clearance in Research Study Published by International Journal

Dr. Hicham RibaQ: What was the hypothesis of this acid production and oral clearance study?

Dr. Hicham Riba: That consumption of cheese immediately after a meal with sweets can significantly reduce the amount of lactic acid produced within the oral cavity.

Q: And what were the findings of this study?

Dr. Hicham Riba: In conclusion, the research found that consumption of cheddar cheese combined with a food that contains sugar will diminish the severity of acid condition.

Q: Which publication featured the study results?

Dr. Hicham Riba: The study was published in 2001 in an academic journal called the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. More recent studies have further confirmed the findings.

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Dr. Hicham Riba Performs Research on TMJ Symptoms in Children

Dr. Hicham RibaIn a study he performed on TMJ symptoms in children, Dr. Hicham Riba found that 52 percent of research participants mentioned headaches as a regular occurrence. Other notable complaints in the study included jaw sounds (28.9 percent) and midline deviation (26.6 percent).

The study was created to examine how often TMJ symptoms were observed in children. Dr. Hicham Riba and his colleagues performed physical examinations to look for the presence of joint sounds, patterns of occlusion, and the tenderness of closure muscles. In total, 90 children were examined – ranging in age from 3 to 16. Symptoms had been observed in past clinical studies including 12-year-olds, so a broader range of ages was addressed to gain further insight into the subject.

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Tips from Dr. Hicham Riba – Avoiding Shoulder and Neck Strain in Dental Practice

Dr. Hicham RibaThe majority of hygienists and dentists can expect to suffer from neck and back pain at some stage of life. Other symptoms may include tenderness, spasms or pain in the arm and back muscles. Trapezius myalgia, a common disorder among dental practitioners, is generally caused by infrequent breaks, incorrect weight or mental and emotional stress. The upper trapezius muscles are known for rotating the neck and elevating the shoulders.

Dr. Hicham Riba recommends several preventative measures to alleviate some of the aches and pains so prevalent in this profession. The most useful include using proper tools and magnification and adjusting the patient’s chair.

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Dr. Hicham Riba Shares Knowledge of Freestanding Greenhouses

Dr. Hicham RibaA greenhouse is a glass or plastic structure developed for growing food and flowers year round. Freestanding greenhouses are completely different structures separated from all other buildings.The size depends solely on the owner’s preference. In certain cases, a heating system, electricity and water may be necessary to sustain the greenhouse.

Many structures include benches and walkways at the discretion of the owner. The cost is relatively affordable given the amount of space. One’s imagination can run wild when considering the possibilities, says Dr. Hicham Riba. The structure’s dimensions are often based on climate, lot size and other important factors. Freestanding greenhouse packages are available for consumers, which include both curved and straight styles depending on the owner’s aesthetic desires.

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Dr. Hicham Riba Reviews Recent Developments in Wind Farming

Dr. Hicham RibaA wind farm, explains Dr. Hicham Riba, is a collection of well-positioned wind turbines located in the same general vicinity. These turbines are designed to produce significant bursts of energy. One of the major emerging sources of electrical power internationally, wind farming is most prominent in the United States and China. The land found between these wind turbines has been used for a variety of purposes, most notably for agricultural projects, says Dr. Hicham Riba.

A large wind farm may cover dozens or even hundreds of square miles. According to Dr. Hicham Riba, a wind farm may also be located offshore. The United Kingdom is home to the two biggest offshore wind farms in the entire world: London Array and Greater Gabbard.

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